Google Ads Apps Assessment Answers

Exam Name: Google Ads Apps Assessment Answers 2020

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The Google Ads Apps assessment consists of 49 questions and you have 75 minutes to complete.

Keep in mind:

  • You will need a score of 70% or higher to pass
  • If you end the assessment early or the timer runs out before you have answered enough questions correctly, you will not pass and will not be able to resume from where you left off
  • You will not be able to review or edit your answers once you have moved to the next question (or hit the submit button on the last question)
  • You must wait 1 day before retaking this assessment if you failed your last attempt.

Question Database 

  1. When creating a Google App campaign, what determines a campaign bidding strategy?
  2. Why might a cosmetics company that traditionally sells products in stores promote their app?
  3. What drives impact at scale for Google App campaigns?
  4. Jason owns a productivity app and wants to expand outside of the US into Latin America. He hires a professional translation service and believes he’s ready to go as soon as the service is done. Which three steps should he consider before launching? (Choose three.)
  5. Why should marketers align with their app developer teams?
  6. What’s a benefit to gathering data about events that happen in an app?
  7. Emma is creating a new Google App campaign and working on her ad assets. Which of the following asset types is she required to manually add?
  8. Match each statement about machine learning with the related benefit of Google App campaigns.
  9. Where do users spend the most time when on mobile devices?
  10. A gaming company just released a new app and wants to focus on the initial launch phase.What matters most to a business when an app first launches?
  11. While machines deliver a variety of advantages, humans still offer their own unique skill sets. What two advantages do humans have over machines when it comes to marketing? (Choose two.)
  12. Healthy Life HQ10, a Health and wellbeing company, has both a website and an app. What are three reasons the company should consider implementing measurement solutions that connect web and app? (Choose three.)
  13. Luca’s running a Google App campaign for news publisher World News Online. Why should Luca care about the quality of World News Online’s listing on Google Play? (Choose two.)
  14. Dennis understands the importance of using an analytics solution for his app, but he doesn’t know which one to use. Which solution is Google’s best-in-class app analytics solution?
  15. What are the three tracking solutions for Google App campaigns?
  16. An education company is uploading image assets for their Google App campaign. What are three guidelines they should follow to optimize their image asset mix? (Choose three.)
  17. Which two in-app actions are examples of those relevant to the retail industry? (Choose two.)
  18. Vivian’s been put in charge of a few clients interested in running Google App campaigns. Some campaigns will use target cost-per-action (tCPA), while others use target cost-per-install (tCPI). Which two statements are correct when it comes to setting daily budgets within App campaigns? (Choose two.)
  19. What report might help identify countries in which an app is getting visitors, but isn’t yet localized?
  20. Which of these companies would be ready to start a Google App campaign focused on in-app actions?
  21. Which three skills do marketers bring to the table when working with machine learning? (Choose three.)
  22. Poppy’s setting up an App campaign, and she wants to aquire a high volume of users while also generating plenty of in-app purchases. Which of the following settings should Poppy select to achieve her marketing objective?
  23. Nicky’s account manager asked her to include minimal or no text overlay in the image assets she’s using in a Google App campaign. Why is that?
  24. What should you keep in mind when selecting events to measure in a Google App campaign?
  25. Paul asks his team to enable and report on view-through conversions in their client Google App campaigns. Why are view-through conversions important to include?
  26. Which three statements about machine learning are true? (Choose three.)
  27. Why might a shopper prefer to make a purchase using a retail app rather than a retail website?
  28. Maria completed the “Headline” section of her text assets and now needs to complete the “Description” section. Which factors must Maria consider?
  29. Tina’s an experienced account manager who enjoys overseeing the details of her Google Ads campaigns. She struggles with leaving the majority of campaign management to machine learning in App campaigns. What’s a valid reason for Tina to rely on machine learning instead of doing everything manually?
  30. Which two things are essential for a Google App campaign to run smoothly and successfully? (Choose two.)
  31. How do humans and machines work as an effective team when running Google App campaigns?
  32. Machine learning automates much of a Google App campaign once it’s live. What’s one reason marketers should still be involved in the campaign after it’s launched?
  33. How do Google App campaigns help reduce the manual test-and-iterate efforts of advertisers?
  34. Canadian company Fresco Arts is planning to expand to three additional international markets within the year. Which three benefits might be likely outcomes of this plan? (Choose three.)
  35. What are the four types of ad assets available in Google App campaigns?
  36. Tom hasn’t yet released his app and he’s interested in the typical lifecycle of an app.Help him place these app lifecycle phases in the order they occur.
  37. How does machine learning in Google App campaigns benefit both marketers and users?
  38. Campaign reporting provides many metrics to assess if a campaign is performing to expectations. If an objective is getting as many new users as possible at a certain cost, what two metrics might be most important to review? (Choose two.)
  39. Why do Google App campaigns perform better when provided with a diverse portfolio of assets?
  40. What are two compelling reasons to include an app as part of a marketing strategy? (Choose two.)
  41. Kyle’s making an HTML5 asset to add to his portfolio of other asset types. According to HTML5 best practices, when should the name of his app and a visible call-to-action be positioned at the center of his ad?
  42. Brian’s in the process of adding text assets to his first ad group in a Google App campaign. What should Brian include in the Headline field of his text assets?
  43. Felix is measuring view-through conversions (VTCs) with another network, and he’s been advised to measure VTCs with Google too. Why should Felix measure VTCs with Google, in addition to the network he uses?
  44. Why should Google follow the viewability standards set by the US Media Rating Council (MRC)?
  45. What are two reasons advertisers should consider engagement when marketing apps?
  46. A large golf booking company just launched a new app, and they want to drive 50,000 installs before peak season hits. How should they set their campaign daily budget to help reach their target number of installs faster?
  47. William is an online marketing manager at an advertising agency. As William learns more about machine learning, he wants to clarify the value he still adds for his clients. What are two reasons why William can be excited about the growing impact of machine learning on marketing? (Choose two.)
  48. Which components of a Google App campaign allow marketers to reach valuable users?
  49. Which app type is the most downloaded on Google Play?
  50. In Google Search campaigns, Jenny routinely replaces low performing ads, but knows Google App campaign best practices are different. For her Google App campaign, how often should Jenny replace low-performing assets with new and improved ones to prevent ad fatigue?
  51. Rita’s working to expand a travel app into new markets in southeast Asia. When considering how she should localize app design and payment methods, what should Rita do first?
  52. Aaron observes and adjusts bids often in his Google Ad campaigns. He recently learned that for an automated campaign, it’s best to wait until the campaign accumulates a certain number of conversions before making any bid changes. For a Google App campaign, Aaron should wait to apply any bid changes until at least how many conversions have accumulated?
  53. Oscar’s been asked to create a video asset for a new Google App campaign. To follow video asset best practices, what should the video focus on?
  54. Naomi wants to promote her app with Google Ads, but has multiple campaign goals. What action should she take when promoting an app with multiple goals in an App campaign?
  55. Melissa’s been running a Google App campaign with one ad group and she’s looking to optimize the campaign by creating additional ad groups. What should Melissa do next?
  56. Which two in-app actions are common across a variety of industries? (Choose two.)
  57. A company decided to expand its app into international markets. Place the three steps involved in the app market expansion process in the correct order.
  58. Desmond has an online library full of quality images of his app. What’s the maximum number of image assets that Desmond can add to one ad group within a Google App campaign?
  59. How do the majority of app downloaders discover apps?
  60. What two things are marketers realizing as machine learning becomes more widely used? (Choose two.)
  61. What are two ways a marketer can use data insights to better understand campaign performance? (Choose two.)
  62. Three key steps are needed to enable conversion tracking in a Google App campaign. Place them in the correct order.
  63. Roberto’s expanding his UK-based app into France. He created a new French-targeted Google App campaign and translated his assets into French. Which three additional things should he consider before going live? (Choose three.)
  64. Why should companies with physical locations embrace app usage?
  65. Adam is taking time to learn how machines and humans complement each other. What is something machines do well in the marketing industry?
  66. Claire understands the impact that an App Store listing can have on her Google App campaign. She wants to partner with the developer team to optimise the listing, so that users who land there will be more likely to download. Which three components of the Google Play store listing should Claire and the developer team review first? (Choose three.)
  67. Before investing in paid media, a fitness company wants to determine how its new app fits into their overall marketing strategy. Which two questions should the company consider? (Choose two.)
  68. Lilly added text and image assets to her Google App campaign ad group, but she doesn’t have a video to upload. Her App campaign may do which of the following actions?
  69. Rose has run her Google App campaign for a long time, and she wants to identify users who are most valuable to her business. What two actions should Rose take to discover her most valuable users? (Choose two.)
  70. Match the type of business with the most relevant reason ‘why apps matter.’
  71. What impact has machine learning made on the marketing industry?
  72. For a Google App campaign optimizing to a tCPI of $2, what would be the recommended minimum budget?
  73. Henry’s been running a Google App campaign for a number of days, and he noticed it’s still in a learning phase. What can contribute to an App campaign remaining in the learning phase for an extended time?
  74. Which statement summarizes a Google App campaign?
  75. Sandra’s creating a long-term plan for her app. She wants to make sure her objectives evolve along with the growth of the app itself. Help Sandra place the following marketing objectives in the order they typically occur.
  76. Betty’s manager is wondering why she needs to spend time on her new Google App campaign, since machine learning helps to automate a significant amount of the campaign. What are three things Betty can do to guide the campaign? (Choose three.)
  77. George regularly checks his conversion data in his Google App campaign, but recently he overheard coworkers talking about the importance of including view-through conversions and he’s not sure what that means. What does a view-through conversion mean for George’s Google App campaign?
  78. Google App campaign objectives should depend on which of the following?
  79. What are the two most common reasons a finance company might choose to promote its app?
  80. Roger’s added text, image, and video assets to his ad group, but he isn’t familiar with HTML5 assets. Why would an advertiser choose to provide HTML5 assets in a Google App campaign?
  81. Match the following building blocks of Google App campaigns with their descriptions.
  82. What are two ways a marketer can provide good data to a Google App campaign, powered by machine learning? (Choose two.)
  83. Which statement is true regarding conversion rates between apps and mobile web?
  84. Jasmeet’s a marketer for healthcare brand Pharma Unite. She’s been asked to oversee a Google App campaign that started running two months ago, and she learns the assets haven’t been updated since launch. What two things should Jasmeet do next? (Choose two.)
  85. Pauline has a well-established app with a large user base. Now she needs new users who complete valuable actions within the app. What phase does this fall under?
  86. An eCommerce app received 500 installs, resulting in $1,000 in revenue. What tCPI should they use to start a new Google App campaign for installs?
  87. Linda wants to get the most from her Google App campaign ads. She writes the required amount of text assets, but doesn’t have many other assets to upload. Which assets may be auto-generated by the campaign, in addition to what Linda can upload?
  88. Carol wants to review view-through conversions for her Google App campaign but doesn’t know where to find this data. What should she do?
  89. Hiroko’s manager asks why Hiroko spends time working on her new Google App campaign. The manager believes machine learning is doing everything. What are three ways in which Hiroko can help guide the machine learning powered campaign?
  90. Simon’s been in the marketing industry for a few years. He’s learning about the ways machine learning can help both him as a marketer and his target users. How will machine learning change his core responsibilities?
  91. What are two reasons why businesses should consider building a mobile app? (Choose two.)
  92. Which of the following definitions describes “Events” in relation to app measurement?
  93. Samira has a travel app named YourAdventure.Why should she create themed ad groups for specific offerings, such as culinary experiences, guided hikes, and architectural tours?
  94. As with all Google Ads products, brand safety is of the utmost importance to Google App campaigns. Therefore, Google gives advertisers additional control over their placements, including the ability to exclude placements. What’s the maximum number of placements per account an advertiser can exclude?
  95. Walt wants to provide strategic guidance for the Google App campaign he’s managing. He wants the campaign to work within specific boundaries, toward a desired outcome. Which two settings should Walt observe on an ongoing basis? (Choose two.)
  96. Cosmetics brand Lit Looks isn’t getting the reach that they expected from their Google App install campaign. They want to optimise their creative mix, focusing on video assets. They currently have two portrait videos and two landscape videos, ranging from 10–30 seconds in duration. What are they missing in their video asset mix?
  97. Google Ads follow the Media Rating Council’s standards for viewability. What’s required for an ad to be counted as a viewable impression?
  98. Which three technology-related considerations might impact how an app performs by market? (Choose three.)
  99. What are three reasons why a retail company would invest in app promotion? (Choose three.)
  100. What are the two main marketer objectives for app promotion?
  101. Which of the following roles does an app play in overall business strategy?
  102. What is usually the last touch point at which you might influence a user’s decision to install your app?
  103. What’s the advantage to identifying app users with high lifetime value in a Google App campaign?
  104. In which two scenarios would it make sense for the advertiser to run a campaign focused on in-app actions? (Choose two.)
  105. Gordon is running a Google App campaign for a news publisher and has recorded 200 unique subscriptions in the last 30 days. Is this enough conversion data for the machine to achieve optimal performance?
  106. What’s the maximum number of localized store listing experiments that can be run at once in Google Play?
  107. Shayley’s reading an article about hiking trails on her mobile phone and sees an ad for hiking boots from outdoor retailer OneStop. She has the OneStop app installed and clicks on the ad. OneStop has enabled deep linking. What will happen next?
  108. Sophie’s been asked to create image assets that adhere to best practices for Google App campaigns. She wants to guarantee placement across all channels. At minimum, what image assets should Sophie create and upload?
  109. Measuring across app and web is challenging, yet important for understanding cross-platform behavior. Which two solutions does Google offer to bridge the measurement gap between app and web? (Choose two.)
  110. Mario works at an agency on app campaigns for two different clients. Match the company and their objective with the appropriate bidding strategy.
  111. What are the two main objectives of an app marketer? (Choose two.)
  112. When setting a long-term strategy for app promotion, it’s important to recognize that objectives may change over time. Put the following phases in the recommended order of occurrence.
  113. For accurate targeting, assets are organized into ad groups that have shared topics most often related to which of the following? (Choose three.)
  114. Megan’s setting up a Google App campaign, but she’s not sure how specific to be when it comes to location targeting. Why should a marketer set a location target that’s at country level or larger?
  115. What task could the Market Finder by Google tool help with?
  116. What are two ways to achieve creative excellence in Google App campaigns? (Choose two.)
  117. What are the two key components of a high-quality app experience?
  118. Why doesn’t machine learning happen immediately after starting a Google App campaign?
  119. Machine learning is being incorporated into many marketing activities, but recent research finds that certain activities are harder to automate. What remains a challenge for machine learning?
  120. Sally’s historically spent a lot of time in Google Ads making small changes to her campaigns, instead of focusing on higher level marketing strategy. What are two ways machine learning helps reduce the time she’ll spend in her Google App campaign? (Choose two.)
  121. Ben just launched an app for his pizza-delivery business. Which three in-app actions are most applicable for Ben’s business? (Choose three.)
  122. When setting up a new Google App campaign, which three settings must be made at the campaign level?
  123. In what way do Google App campaigns simplify the ad creation process?
  124. Roberto is explaining why a Google App campaign is a good strategy for app promotion. What should he highlight as the three main benefits of Google App campaigns?
  125. At what level in the Google Ads interface does the marketer select Android or iOS as the mobile app platform?
  126. Harry’s about to launch a new app and wants to attract new users with the help of a Google App campaign. Which campaign subtype should Harry select when setting up this new campaign?
  127. Clara’s colleague recommended she use a built-in tool called Bid Guidance for her existing Google App campaign. What information can Clara expect to see when using Bid Guidance?
  128. What important role does app promotion play in the mobile gaming industry?
  129. What are two ways marketers can benefit from machine learning in Google Ads? (Choose two.)
  130. Robert’s about to start creating an HTML5 asset for his Google App campaign. According to HTML5 asset best practices, what should be included before the HTML5 ad plays?
  131. Janelle’s running a Google App campaign and knows that although it’s powered by machine learning, her inputs as a marketer still matter a lot. In which three ways can Janelle best guide the machine toward a successful outcome? (Choose three.)
  132. For a Google App campaign optimizing to a tCPA of $10, what would be the recommended minimum budget?
  133. Which brand safety measures are in place by default when setting up a Google App campaign?
  134. Which two options are benefits of using Google Analytics for Firebase? (Choose two.)
  135. What’s an advantage to having software developer kits (SDKs) in place from both Firebase and other measurement partners?
  136. Luca is preparing to run a Google App campaign focused on installs. His client wants to know where the campaign will be eligible to run. How should Luca respond?
  137. How does asset variety help with reach?
  138. What kind of positive impact will machine learning have on the advertising industry?
  139. Angela is explaining the advantages of machine learning in Google App campaigns to her colleagues. Which two statements are strong arguments for using machine learning over human input? (Choose two.)
  140. Alex read a lot about Google App campaigns, and he’s eager to start one of his own. What’s the first thing he should do before jumping into Google Ads interface?
  141. Which statement is true regarding Conversions in a Google App campaign?
  142. Google App campaigns are designed to deliver relevant ads to users based on a large number of inputs. What are three examples of signals that may be used by an App campaign? (Choose three.)
  143. Anne is looking at the “Performance” column in the asset report of her Google App campaign. She wants to see how specific assets have been performing. She notices the terms “low”, “good”, and “best” in the column. Asset ratings are distributed based on which criteria?
  144. An education company is preparing to run a marketing campaign for their app. Identify three factors the company should consider when determining the objectives for their upcoming campaign. (Choose three.)
  145. Why is conversion tracking critical for Google App campaigns?
  146. The majority of five-star reviews for apps in the Google Play Store praise which of the following three qualities? (Choose three.)