What are the free certifications available in Google ?

Online Learning was never as easy as today because it is within the present. you just need a tool and an online connection to begin learning. it had been never so easily possible ten years ago.

People were more inclined towards offline learning. Where its online or offline learning platform .both of them have their pros and cons. we are going to have another article for this debate. But, during this article, we are going to follow the most effective Google Certification Courses for online learning.

Google helps each one out folks in some manner. for college kids, Google is often the primary option to start attempting to find resources. But, Google serves not only as a quest Engine but also has various online courses with certifications.

Google is bringing out more and more courses to assist students. the most effective thing about Google Certification courses is that they’re free. So, Students needn’t worry about money for getting their hands onto a replacement skill.

The courses featured below don’t seem to be associated with any specific field. they’re general tech skills that students may be attempting to find. Some Google certifications may be paid but most of them are freed from cost.

So let’s get started:

Google Certification Courses List:

1.Google Analytics Academy Courses

Google Analytics Academy Courses

Analytics is one of the great tools from Google for Analysing websites and apps. it’s a very handy tool for Digital Marketers and Analysts. Through Analytics Academy Google tries to supply all the guides required to find out the working.

Main courses provided are:

  • Google Analytics for Beginners
  • Google Analytics for Advanced and Power Users
  • Introduction to Data Studio
  • Google Tag Manager Fundamentals

After completing the courses you’ll take the Certification from Google Skillshop. it’s a free certification named as Google Analytics individual Qualification.

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2. Google Ads Certifications

Google Ads Certifications

Earlier called Academy for Ads it’s now named as Google Skillshop. Google Ads also called Pay Per click ads may be a very trending skill to urge your hands on. Every business irrespective of big or small is trying to grow with Digital Advertisements.

In current industry Business houses from across the globe need people with Ads management and optimizing skills. So, it’s very beneficial for you if you would like to be told a replacement skill for your career. you’ll easily learn Google Ads through Google Free Online Certification course.

You just have to signup along with your account on Google Skillshop and choose Google Ads Certification. There are various modules and guides which can take you through the educational process.

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3. Google Web Developers Training

Google Web Developers Training

This is not something for beginners but folks that are already into web development. Google provides the most recent insights from the web development sphere in sort of guides, news, videos, and summits. it’s for helping developers in building the most effective web experiences.

Plus there are guides on the latest technologies and tools like Lighthouse, Puppeteer, Workbox, and more. After completing the fundamentals you’ll be able to always take up the paid Google Developers certification exam to urge certified.

The main thing here is your knowledge matters the foremost and the way you’ll be able to apply it well. Certificates are just to represent your skills in an exceedingly better and arranged way.

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4. Google Digital Garage

Google Digital Garage

We have already shared one course from this platform which is key to Digital Marketing. Google Digital Garage has quite 100 such free courses. they’re mainly segmented into Data & Tech, Digital Marketing, and Career Development.

You can get courses associated with Machine Learning, AI, program Optimization, Social Media, Business, and far more. All of them have unique modules with self-paced learning.

Anyone can signup with their Google account and begin learning new skills. Only Digital Marketing one possesses the certification. But you must always specialize in gaining new skills which too from Google.

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5. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

This basic course about Digital Marketing is not only accredited by the Interactive Advertising Bureau of Europe but from also Open University. it’s provided by Google under its Digital Garage initiative. The course contains a total of 26 highly informational modules created by expert Google trainers.

With each video lecture, you’ll be presented with multiple exercises and quizzes. this can facilitate you in testing your knowledge side by side.

After completing the course you’ll need to take an exam. For getting the certificate you’ll need to pass it. The exam contains 40 questions out of which you’ve got to urge 32 questions correct.

Why you must Take This Course?

  • This course is provided by Google itself and that’s too free of cost.
  • Students will get Google Certifications.
  • Learn a replacement skill right from where you’re.
  • 40 Hours of power-packed content.
  • Quiz and Exercises to check your skills

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6. Google Android Development Training

Google Android Development Training

Android is one in all the foremost popular software for Mobile and smart devices. Acquiring those Android Development skills can facilitate you are in getting job opportunities. Google includes a provided a separate place for learning Android Development.

Google has segmented the course material supported the amount of data. One segment is for beginners and the other is for expert developers who must learn new updates and enhancements.

Android Development for Beginners

Android Development for skilled Developers

After completing the course you’ll be able to take the Google Associate Android Certification exam and obtain the certificate. But it’s a paid exam and you may get once chance per payment to clear it. If you only want the knowledge then you’ll be able to leave the certificate aside.

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  1. Android Enterprise Platform Associate Exam

  2. Android Enterprise Professional Exam

7. Udacity-Google Partnership Courses

Google AI

Udacity partnered with google to supply courses in multiple niches. The beginner level courses are free but won’t provide you with a certificate. If you would like the certificate you’ll be able to always purchase the Nanodegree courses from Udacity.

If we glance at the training part then the free courses are well equipped with video lectures. Free courses available on:

  • Android Development
  • TensorFlow
  • Web Development
  • Firebase
  • Deep Learning
  • Virtual Reality
  • App Marketing and plenty of others

All the course materials are frequently updated with the latest technologies. for somebody finding the best free Google courses, this platform could be a gem.

8.YouTube Management & Growth

YouTube Management & Growth

YouTube is the second-largest program after Google. It allows content creators to share video content everywhere the net. With around 2 billion logged-in monthly users it’s an excellent platform to grow and earn revenue.

Google itself provides course material to be told about the management and growth of YouTube channels. you’ll enroll within the course and also get certified after the completion. The courses available are

  • YouTube Asset Monetization
  • YouTube Channel Growth
  • YouTube Content Ownership
  • YouTube Creative essentials
  • Music Certification

9. Google AI

Google AI

Google AI could be a platform allowing everyone to grasp the most recent advancements in the AI world. It features courses, research papers, news, and far more. So, if you’re fascinated by diving deep into AI dimensions then you ought to start learning from Google AI.

There are multiple tools available for you to attempt to sharpen your AI & ML skills. Google has also given some free datasets that you just can use for preparing some AI models.

So these were some free Google courses are certifications for college students. you’ll choose the abilities that you just want to realize and begin learning immediately.

Comment down if you have got any query and do share your feedback with us. We at this time Slide try to usher in the simplest resources for you to be told new skills.

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