Digital Certificates & Its Importance


What is a Digital Certificate?

● A Digital certificate is a unique, digitally signed document which authoritatively
identifies the identity of an individual or organization.
● It is an electronic “password” that allows a person and/or organization to exchange
data securely over the Internet using the public key infrastructure (PKI). PKI comprises of the technology to enable secure e-commerce and Internet based communication.
● Digital Certificate is also known as a ‘Public key certificate’ or ‘Identity

Public Key Infrastructure:

Public-key cryptography,or asymmetric cryptography, is a cryptographic system
that uses pairs of keys: public keys which may be disseminated widely, and private
keys which are known only to the owner.


Why we need Digital Certificate

Why we need Digital Certificate

What does a Digital Certificate contain:

What does the Digital Certificate contains:

Certificate Authority

A certificate authority (CA) is a trusted entity that manages and issues security certificates
and public keys that are used for secure communication in a public network.
It verifies the information provided by a requester of a digital certificate. If the information is verified as correct, the certificate authority can then issue a certificate.

Certificate Authority

How it Works?

Process for obtaining Digital Certificate

● Subscriber(Sender) generates a public/private key pair and applies to CA for digital
certificate with public key.
● CA verifies sender’s identity and issues digital certificate containing the public
● CA publishes certificate to  online public repository.
● Repository reports status of subscriber’s(Sender’s) certificate.

Process for obtain Digital Certificate


Types of Digital Certificate

There are main 3 types of Digital Certificates
1. Secure Socket Layer Certificate [SSL] Digi-SSL™
2. Software Signing [Code Signing Certificate] Digi-Code™
3. Client Certificate [Digital ID] Digi-ID™

1. Secure Socket Layer Certificate [SSL] Digi-SSL™

Secure Socket Layer [SSL] server Certificates are installed on a server. This can be a server that hosts a website like, a mail server, a directory or LDAP server, or any other type of server that needs to be authenticated, or that wants to send and receive encrypted data.

2. Software Signing [Code Signing Certificate]Digi-Code™

Code Signing Certificates are used to sign software or programmed code that is downloaded over the Internet. It is the digital equivalent of the shrink-wrap or hologram seal used in the real world to authenticate software and assure the user. It is genuine and actually comes from the software publisher that it claims.

3. Client Certificate [Digital ID] Digi-ID™

Client Certificates or Digital IDs are used to identify one person to another, a person to a device or gateway or one device to another device.
Two people communicating by email will use a client certificate to authenticate or digitally sign their respective communications. This Signature will assure each person that the email is genuine and comes from the other person.

Importance of Digital Certificate

Communication Security

Millions and millions of emails are being transmitted over the web. However, for crucial communication between various entities,
Digital Certificate is put to use to an electronic mail message for purposes linked to security and to also verify the identity of the senders.

Online Banking

Online banking would not have been a possibility and a safe and secure medium to transact over the internet had Digital Certificate not been put in place provided by expert third-party imminent Certificate Authorities (CA).

Expanding e-Commerce

Millions of people are shopping on various websites over the web. SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) certificate’s sign on such online platforms is a guarantee that they are safe and could be relied upon for online shopping.

To Keep Away Online Threats

To keep away the increasing security concerns of online fraud and identity theft, a Digital Certificate based third-party certification can reassure endless internet users and casual browsers.

Important Key Points

1.) It keeps your site safe from digital threats
2.) It is an essential part of secure communication
3.)It provides a high level of security for online banking
4.) It enables secure e-commerce and web-based


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